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In this world, magic user are the highest of the social standards, the magic system rely on the body's energy call "Aura". But as mere human, the user often amplify their magic by a mineral stone called" Draconite", which is consider as an gem of value that depend on the financial status to obtain them. But recently, an bunch of murder case that stir up the peaceful city with the bodies that burst out Draconite . 

You will play as Callen, a private investigator that determent to solve these mysterious cases with the assitance of his best friend Dean. The duo will dive down to put in a stop for this epidemic.

This is a student project that got endorsed by intrustor. A part of this game got created within 2.5 months with intense works. Do forgive me for a handful of original concept and content, the rest is supporting by the base program.

 I would like to see if you guys enjoy this part  of my creation and if anyone interest, we could develop more of this game to a full scale ^^. 

Even though this is a personal project, but any donation would be greatly appreciated. 


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I found a bug before I was able to move around. The line: "Got yourself a beautiful customer here, talk to her." keeps repeating. I think you forgot to add a control self switch.

Thank you, I'll be fix it up, update will coming soon :D

Hello there ! The updated version has been uploaded, I hope you enjoy ^^ !